Data Restoration

At Sinnard Technologies, we're here to help when you lose important data. We have a team of experts and high-tech tools to recover your lost, damaged, or deleted data from computers and other devices. Whether you accidentally delete a file or your computer breaks, we use smart methods to get your information back. We promise to keep your data safe and private throughout the process.

Our goal is to get your data back to you quickly so you can go back to using it. You can trust us with your data because we work really hard to be the best at what we do. We're committed to making sure your important information stays safe.


Starting at: $200

The price includes up to 100GB of data and a flash drive to store your data. For every additional 100GB, it is $25 more. Most people don't have more than 100GB of data. If the data cannot be retrieved, the cost is $125.

10% off new customer discount!

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